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AJKL is a registered non-profit organization that provides prizes, scholarships, and incentives to youth competitors to aid their development overall development. To accomplish this mission, we rely on donations from people who want to support this cause. 

For this reason, our membership does not have a set price. You can obtain your membership by donating any amount of your choice. It could be as small as $1 or as big as you want to be. Simply donate your desired amount and your name (athlete's name) will be included in the rankings. 

Note: Donations collected will be used to provide AJKL kids participants with prizes, incentives, scholarships, and seminars. 

Types of Memberships

Individual Membership

Club/Dojo Membership

Note: All dojos that participate in an AJKL event automatically become an AJKL Dojo member. If you are a participating Dojo and would like a copy of your Dojo membership certificate, please do not hesitate to email us at

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You don't need a PayPal account to donate. If you want to donate using your debit card or credit card, just click on the PayPal Checkout button and then click on continue as a guest.


NOTE: In order to be included in the ranking system, you will need to have a Membership.  PLEASE NOTE ALL MEMBERSHIPS ARE STRICTLY ON A DONATION BASIS (any amount you wish to donate). 


AJKL Memberships are for the whole family!  One donation and you are set for the year! 


Any questions about our league, contact us at


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