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The American Junior Karate League is a registered not for profit organization created to aid the development of young Karate athletes in the U.S by creating and sustaining a unique national program that will allow youth Karate athletes to compete, learn, and improve their skills. One of the missions of AJKL is to help aspiring athletes stay engaged in the sport and enjoy the benefits that Karate brings by:​​​​​


Offering a premier tournament circuit and seminars for students ages 8 to 17  

A fair ranking point system will be implemented at our  Karate League events throughout the season

Providing Junior athletes with incentives and cash prizes (scholarship fund prizes) to help motivate their competitive Karate career.

Events in different regions to give eaqual opportunities to a great number of youth competitors.

Recognizing the ranking leaders and creating a unique junior team to represent the country at international events.

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